Human resources

Date 1988 
Location Togo, Lomé, West African Development Bank (Banque Ouest-Africaine de Développement, B.O.A.D.
Company CEGOS Group of consultants.
Position Team leader for the human resource personnel management reorganisation and training plan 
Description - Analysis of job qualifications

- Personnel rating to verify the match-up between employees and positions

- Job classifications

- Setting-up of the salary scales

- Establishment of a training plan.





Survey of the human resource personnel management of the Togolese Postal and Telecommunications Office and training plan (analysis of job qualifications, personnel rating to verify the match-up between employees and positions, job classifications, setting-up of the salary scales) Lomé, 1989.

Study of an action plan aimed at giving women a fair share in the development fall-out and in the creation of socio-economic indicators in order to ensure the proper impact on the status of Cameroon women. Study carried out with World Bank financing for Cameroon's Ministry of Women's Affairs, 1987-1988.

Study concerning the installation of a system for managing family allowances for civil servants, judges and military personnel in Gabon, Ministry of Finance, 1984.

Programming staff of the Gabonese civil service for the 1984-1989 five-year Plan:

Volume 1: By the Ministry, by group and by category in December 1983. 

Volume 2: Forecast on changes of available Gabonese human resources by years and by training level from 1984 to 1989. 

Volume 3: Forecasts concerning recruitment in the Gabonese civil service by the extension of growth rates to the following four years.

Survey of the remuneration of the President, the three Vice-Presidents and the nine Directors of the African Development Bank. Comparison with remuneration conditions enjoyed by the senior executives of the main regional development banks operating in other continents, 1981.


Study of positions and job qualification

I have my own method of description and evaluation of positions adapted from those used by the largest firms specialized in the organisation of human resources of powerful companies. 

Each post analysis includes three parts:

Identification of the position
Description of the contents of the position
Criteria of qualification required. Usually the professionals required 5 criteria:

1. Knowledge necessary to hold the position, 
2. Social integration necessary to occupy this position, 
3. Responsibilities required for the position, 
4. Complexity of work for this position, 
5. Need for personal organisation, on the level of planning as well as individual availability.

The positions are then evaluated and ranked: this is the phase of job classification.

Job classification makes it possible to constitute a grid showing the hierarchy of wages.

I (or a member of the team) then carry out the evaluation of personnel to check the adequacy of man/post.

The conclusions obtained make it possible to establish the training plan.

Key words of my experience

Managing Human Resources

Study of positions and definition of duties.
System of job skills and salary scales.
Training plan.
Personnel selection techniques (interviews, tests,...).