Legal expertise

My intervention is related to the extending of the rule of law and to the building of a democratic life in a country.


From February 1999 to June 1999


Bishkek Kyrgyztan


Consultant for B.C.E.O.M. (France)


Team leader for the project: "Administrative reform and legal advice to the Ministry of Justice".


Task 1 Strategic development plan for the Ministry of Justice:
- Overview of operation of the Judiciary

- Comparison with other European countries

- Functional analysis of justice institutions

- Reorganisation of all justice activities in Kyrgyztan

Task 2 Planning of long term technical assistance:
- Project One : Replacement of equipment at the "State Centre of Forensic Examination"

- Project Two : Feasibility study for the creation of a training institute for the judicial and legal professions

- Project Three : Creation of civil education textbooks for pupils at elementary and secondary schools

- Project Four : Technical assistance for the transformation of the "Prokuratura" (public prosecutor's office) into a body compatible with the democratic principles of lawProject Five Prison operation reform.


TACIS Financing Project n° KY14



Kyrgyztan : May 1999.

Training seminar for the civil servants working for the Ministry of Justice on: techniques for drafting legal documents.


Cambodia : From July1995 to July 1997.

Reform of the public administration of the Kingdom of Cambodia: Team leader based in the Presidency of Council of Ministries. Some legal works:

Writing the attribution and organisation decrees of the 25 Ministries and State Secretaries.

Writing the statute of many new Public Bodies.

Participation in drafting the public procurement law. 

Gabon - Ministry of Finance, 1984.

Legal study concerning installation of a system for managing family allowances for civil servants, judges and military personnel in Gabon, 1984. 

Côte d'Ivoire - Ministry of Finance, 1979-1980.

Study of the legal procedures of Public Procurements in Côte d'Ivoire. General provisions applicable to contractors and suppliers that are part of government contracts. Studies of the various procedures involved in concluding contracts (advertising, call for tenders, awards, agreements by private contract).


Transcription of functional analysis results (this method is described under the heading of the tools # 3 - "Institution Building Expertise") in legal text: statute, decree or law.

Handbook, conceived by myself, on legal drafting techniques.

Key words of my experience :

Fields of Legal expertise 

Legal advice to public enterprises and national monopolies for their adaptation to liberal principles.

Economic legislation (privatisation, concession contracts, statute of new Public or Professional Bodies).

Assistance in the development of a comprehensive legislative framework to regulate the sector of trade .

Attribution and organisation decrees of Ministries and State Secretaries.